Tax Fraud Defense

by Aghedo Law Firm in Houston, Texas

Karla J. Aghedo

Whether you find yourself indicted for tax fraud or under investigation, treating the matter seriously is paramount. Law enforcement agencies in Texas rigorously investigate fraud, and when prosecution is on the horizon, they approach it diligently and well-prepared.


Aghedo Law Firm, situated in Houston, Texas, is your dedicated legal partner, specializing in providing a strong defense against tax fraud charges. Under the leadership of Karla J. Aghedo, an experienced attorney with a proven track record, our firm comprehends the complexities involved and is committed to safeguarding your rights.

Tax Fraud Crimes in Texas

Karla J. Aghedo represents clients facing charges or investigations related to various tax fraud crimes, including:
Tax Evasion: Involves intentional underreporting of income, overreporting deductions, or hiding money in offshore accounts to evade taxes.
Filing False Returns: Occurs when individuals or businesses knowingly submit false information on their tax returns to reduce their tax liability.
Identity Theft for Tax Fraud: Unlawfully assuming another person’s identity to file fraudulent tax returns and claim refunds.

Legal Penalties for Tax Fraud in Texas

If charged under relevant Texas statutes, potential penalties include:
Criminal Penalties: Varying degrees of felony charges with associated prison terms and fines.
Restitution: Repayment of the defrauded tax amount.
Civil Lawsuits: Victims may pursue financial losses through civil court. It’s crucial to have legal representation familiar with all aspects of tax fraud cases, and Aghedo Law Firm in Houston is your trusted partner.

Federal vs. State Cases in Tax Fraud

Tax fraud cases may involve both state and federal charges. State agencies handle cases within Texas, while federal agencies may intervene in cross-border or interstate offenses.

Defenses for Tax Fraud Cases

Facing tax fraud charges doesn’t automatically lead to prison time. Aghedo Law Firm can build a robust defense, employing common strategies such as:
Fourth Amendment Violations: Challenging evidence obtained through rights violations.
Lack of Intent: Arguing lack of intent to commit fraud.
Mistakes or Errors: Demonstrating unintentional mistakes or errors in tax filings. Without knowledge of your case specifics, effective defense building isn’t possible. Contact Aghedo Law Firm in Houston, Texas, for a free, no-obligation consultation and swift action in developing a robust tax fraud defense.

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